Hold your Breath!

Do you know the one thing that has been with you constantly from the time you were born until now, reading this statement has been your breath!

This is the only thing that is also gonna stay with you forever.

Think about it? Isn’t it amazing? Everything in the world can change for the better or worse but this one thing remains constant.

But most people live their whole life without realizing this.





The Beginning of LIFE. The moment we set foot into this amazing world, we fill our lungs in with oxygen that gives us life. The air that makes us excited, calm, nervous, everything can be experienced with just the alteration of this.


The End of LIFE. The escaping of the breath from the body. The feeling that gives us the sense of relief when we breathe out hard because life is never meant to be held onto tight rather to let go, to be free and to enjoy the flow of LIFE.


Where all of the amazing things that take place in the world are perceived, understood, felt.

Where it can feel bliss in a moment and quite the opposite the next moment. Where you can feel the sun shining through you and the feel the darkest storm there is ever known to mankind.

The Breath does an amazing job in order to let you feel sunshine through you all the time if you focus on it and learn to stay with it through out the day. Any anxious thought’s or feeling’s can disappear with just being present with the breath, you can create a gap between your thoughts and you. Just BREATHE!


Have you ever done deep breathing and not felt relaxed in the body? It’s impossible! You can feel the breath throughout the body!

The body takes orders from the mind, the mind takes orders from the breath. Everything is connected. If you manage your breath well, the mind and body follows. Bringing complete calm, relaxation throughout the body. Even while exercising or lifting weights just by staying with the breath you can increasing the pump of the muscles been worked out.

Now you can stop holding your Breath and just BREATHE.

Hey on a serious note, this was my take in bringing you awareness about the benefits of just focusing on your breath. Hope it brought you some value.

I have summed up this post as a video, please take a look at it and provide valuable feedbacks, Till then keep Breathing!

Thank You!

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