Deep breathing! The cure for Corona Virus?

Lungs are severely damaged!

Need to be put on a ventilator.

The body isn’t receiving enough oxygen!

Have you realized all of the above statements and Corona virus (Covid-19) everything is related to your breath, oxygen and your lungs. If you want to know a guide to protect yourself and increase the chances to stay away from hospitals and be healthy and live long, then deep breathe and read on…

Corona Virus ( Covid-19)

So lets understand what is corona virus. It is a virus that is transferred from one human to another and causes severe respiratory issues if your immune system or lung function is not in a healthy state. It destroys the lungs and attacks the immune system. People who have lower immunity tend to be the most affected from this.

(Disclaimer : I’m no expert in this subject, you can refer official resource to know more about it.)

Immunity and Inflammation

What is Immunity : Condition of being able to resist a particular disease especially through preventing development of a pathogenic microorganism or by counteracting the effects of its products.

Corona virus affects the immune system directly, the virus body fights with the individual person’s immune system warriors and the winner of the fight decides if you need to visit the hospital.

What is Inflammation : Physical condition in which part of the body becomes reddened, swollen, hot, and often painful.

Corona virus inflames the body causing it to attack and feed on the human body and make conditions worse within the human system so that the virus can take over the body.

The cure/remedy or precaution to this is Deep Breathing and conscious breathing.

Deep Breathing

The art of breathing in and breathing out for a prolonged moment is deep breathing. It is so underrated at the same time overwhelming. Everybody feels they do it often or they know the knack of it but in reality nobody practices this often enough.

Just by breathing right the body can soak up all the oxygen it needs and provide it to the whole nervous system and to the nerve endings, which in turn strengthens the immune system reduces inflammation as a result the body is strong and prepared to fight off any external stimuli trying to spoil the health on a cellular level. So the main function of the body is to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide right, if we breath shallow then the air doesn’t reach the lungs where the gas exchange takes place.. which is the most essential part of breathing.

There is so much we can try to learn about this by focusing our attention on the breath. Hence we need to follow our breath and see how it makes us feel and practice deep breathing often. One common mistake is to breathe from the mouth and that’s exactly something that we have to avoid, most people have this habit of breathing from the mouth, when we do that we lose half the benefits of deep breathing because the air does not pass through are sinus cavity which is very much essential for the function of the body. Deep diaphragm breathing is what we have to practice and look forward to, further is a small exercise which you can try out in order to practice this.

Have you ever thought that, how can something be so simple yet so amazing and beneficial for the body, I would just say that nature never fails to amaze us. We just got to look in the right direction..

Box Breathing

This is a simple breathing exercise to get you started to understand the benefits of breathing right. If we follow this simple exercise for a set period of time we can see the changes within our mind and body.

The Exercise : So we have to breathe in for about 5.5secs and hold the breath for 5.5secs, next exhale for 5.5secs and hold again for 5.5secs, Repeat.

As simple as that but continued practice of this has brought significant change in people, there are too many studies and experiments conducted on this. Give this a try and you can see the difference yourself.


This was a gist about all the benefits of deep breathing can bring you, raise your immunity and reduce inflammation. That being said it does not mean that you cannot be affected by the virus. This is just a precautionary measure in order to be better equipped in the state of your body & mind’s health to fight the corona virus better. It is important to note that a healthy diet and lifestyle is a must to really fight the corona virus or any foreign body.

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Disclaimer: All the information above is for knowledge expansion purposes, please look up more articles/videos to incorporate anything in to your lifestyle. Corona virus is a deadly disease please maintain social distancing, use a mask and regularly sanitize your hands.


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